5 Betting Lessons Learned From The Recent March Madness

5 Betting Lessons Learned From The Recent March Madness

The March Madness, also known as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, is one of the biggest betting events bettors look forward to each year. And now, the 2023 March madness just recently concluded.

However, this year’s March Madness doesn’t only bring profit to bettors but also lessons. If you haven’t noticed these lessons, we compiled the five betting lessons every bettor should learn.

Top Seeds Doesn’t Always Win

The 2023 NCAA basketball tournament has shown bettors that no matter what conference they came from, the number one seed isn’t guaranteed to win the championship title. These teams aren’t untouchable. They’re similar to teams that fall on number 5 or 9 seeds. 

You have the Alabama Crimson Tide, the number one seed in both the Southeastern Conference and in the overall ranking of the NCAA basketball league, who the San Diego Aztecs defeated.

Another example is when Kansas, the number one seed of the Big 12 conference, was defeated the next day after Purdue Boilermakers, the first seed of the Big 10 Conference, was also defeated. 

Defending Champions Aren’t Always Your Best Bet

If you’re a seasoned bettor betting constantly on the March Madness, you might already know that the defending champion doesn’t always get a back-to-back win. Although it’s possible, it only has a small chance of happening. 

Amateur bettors usually root for the defending champions, hoping they will perform the same as the previous season and produce a back-to-back win. For instance, the championship title holder of the 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament was the Kansas Jayhawks. 

However, they haven’t even made it to the Sweet 16 this year. The team had only the third-best NCAAB betting odds at the beginning of the tournament. So, if you’re planning to bet on March Madness again next year, don’t put too much hope on the defending champion, which in this case, is the UConn Huskies.

College Basketball Players Aren’t Professionals

When you bet on college basketball, you must bet with your mind. Don’t get so carried out with the NCAA basketball game that you’ll forget you’re only watching college students vying for the championship title. 

These players aren’t professionals. They are still students who are also busy at school academically on top of being a basketball player. That said, you need to consider that these players have a low shooting percentage, which could affect the outcome if you bet in total. 
In a nutshell, betting in total, for those who aren’t familiar, is when you bet whether the total combined score of a single game is over or under the set score by the oddsmaker. With college basketball, you might want to consider betting under, as these players could miss more shots. 

Consider The Coach, Not Only the Players

We’ve already established that college basketball players aren’t professionals and still have a low caliber when playing basketball. Thus, as a bettor, you must look for another character that significantly impacts the team’s performance. 

That’s none other than the coaches. The coaches in the NCAA Men’s Basketball are professionals. Keep in mind that coaches also offer a huge contribution to the team’s success. They are the brain and the heart of the team. 
Therefore, don’t just check the players if you choose a team to bet in a March Madness game. You must also do your research about the coach. Go for a team with a good coach with impressive background and experience. 

The coach’s role is vital in helping players excel and learning how to successfully coordinate with other team members to achieve the team’s goal: to win. Don’t hesitate to get to know the coaches, as it can give you great value of information that could help you succeed in betting. 

Bettors Not Taking Advantage Of Upsets

There are a lot of upsets in this season of the March Madness. Some bettors might’ve lost hope or just gave up. That’s the biggest mistake that you can do as a bettor. You must use your mind and experience to devise a strategy to turn the tables around and let the upsets work in your favor. 

That’s one of the characteristics of a good bettor. They know how to take advantage of unexpected upsets and could still profit from their wagers. Expect that on the next March Madness, upset could still happen. 
It happens this year and the previous years. There are turn of events that affect every bettor. So, it would be favorable for you to start learning to take advantage of the March Madness upset since you’ll certainly experience more in the future. 


If you plan to bet for March Madness again next year, it would be helpful to keep the lessons of this year’s tournament in mind and use them to your advantage next year. 
Ponder on the lessons mentioned above, look back to every detail of the 2023 March Madness, and find other lessons you might need to learn to succeed on your next NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament betting journey. 

Author: Ethan Morgan